A Change In Direction

My original goal, to be in an RV full-time by June 2014, looms months away from being completely shattered. An unexpected job loss drained the little savings I had accumulated, and life got in the way of finding alternatives.

Except, of course, for the one alternative I’ve found, which I might just like even better.

My new goal, and all of the craziness therewith, is to take a 6-month working holiday in New Zealand in 2015. I’m going with my cousin Em, and we’re going to have a blast.

I’ll have to write more about everything that’s involved in getting there, but for the time being, I have a picture of Hobbiton as my computer background to remind me just what I’m giving up Starbucks for.


About lifetheuniverseandblogs

Good afternoon, and welcome to my little suite of blogs. I am a foodie, a fashionista, a penny-pincher, and a world traveller. I am everything you want, I am everything you need, I am everything inside of you that you wish you could be. I say all the right things at exactly the right time, but I mean--well. Nevermind, actually. I'm just awesome, so get over it. J/K LOL WTFBBQ.
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