Practical Dilemma Number One: I Have Too Much Stuff.

George Carlin has a bit on ‘Stuff‘ (one of his cleaner ones, but still not for kids, mostly because of Maui) that explains the American inclination to accumulate and store stuff. In it, he talks about vacations, and how you wind up with stuff at home, stuff in storage, stuff in your hotel, stuff at a friend’s house… Well, I’m in similar straits. I currently live in an apartment with two roommates–Stuff Location Number One. I have a bedroom and half the living room filled with ‘my stuff.’ I also have my bedroom at home, which my parents are graciously keeping open for me. That is a larger room, and equally full of ‘stuff’; Stuff Location Number Two. I’ve also got a few boxes at an old apartment from two years ago, with a friend who had renewed the lease when I didn’t: Stuff Location Number Three.

Condensing all of this down to a single car/SUV/truck, plus a 13′ fifth-wheel, is going to be the challenge of a lifetime. I’ll have to cull everything I have to a trailer and my room at home, but the stuff at home will have to be limited to things that would be fine in a guest room.

My books, clothes, and knick-knacks will be among the hardest to get rid of. I probably won’t actually ‘get rid of’ much of either of them. Books, I can re-condense into my bedroom bookshelves, excepting what I carry with me (I refuse to Kindle/Nook/etc. I’m a traditionalist). Clothes and shoes will be trickier, but if I am honest with myself and get rid of what I “might need someday,” it shouldn’t be too hard.

The biggest problem will be all of the little things, my candles and colored decorative bottles and hourglasses and all of those little things that I just… have. Like children and magpies, I am drawn to shiny things. I often pick them up in thrift stores and the like, just to fill the spaces I’m forced to live in with pretty. (Pretty is a noun, in this instance; just so you know.)

I have to decide whether I’m going to pack them up and keep them somewhere for when I eventually settle down (I know I probably will), or do I get rid of them out of hand and liberate myself from my ‘stuff’?

(Anyone know where I can pick up lots of bubble wrap on the cheap?)


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