Possible RVs: Part 1

I promised I’d talk about the trailer I’m looking at getting, so here it is: I want my starter RV to be the Scamp 13′ Deluxe w/Bath Package. Some light googling has revealed that what I’m looking at won’t be much over $11k–less if I get it used–which to me seems completely reasonable.

For my first few years, a trailer will suit me just fine. I’d like to upgrade to one of those fancy, quarter-million-dollar Winnebagos eventually, but I’m not going to count on it, well, ever. As much as I like my ‘stuff’, I’m actually quite happy with little more than my computers, notebooks, and fashion things. My trailer will look quite a bit like a movie star’s dressing trailer, I imagine.

To tow this, however, I’m going to need to make a decision. The 13′ Scamps are made to be towed by cars and small SUVs. If I get my Buick LeSabre up to snuff and add a tow package, I’m sure I can manage with just that at first. The other things I’m considering, though, are getting a Jeep or trying to convince my brother to trade the Buick for his light duty Chevy S10.

These things, however, add significantly to my estimated “Cost of Getting On The Road”, and as of now, I’ve not had the best luck with my freelancing. I still have over 10 months to go, but the big things are what I need to get sorted out first. In order for this to be a viable plan, I have to have acquired the trailer and tow equipment before my complex asks about re-signing leases in April, and be making at least 2/3rds of my travel budget–around $800/month–through freelancing by May. I’ll pull out a calendar here soon and figure out how many days I’ve got left for each of my goals. Deadlines help, don’t they?


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